Tuesday 1 December 2015
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Welcome to The Weekend Cutter


What To Watch For Buying A Horse At Auction

Buying a horse at an auction is a crap shoot at best, as usually there are reasons why the horse is there in the first place –...


Snug The Girth Up Tight – or Not?

Reef really hard on the girth/cinch to tighten that saddle down right tight so it doesn’t slip?  Not!  How about doing one thing at...

Horse food

To Bran Mash Or Not To Bran Mash

Bran mashes have traditionally been touted as being good for older horses to help them keep their weight on – the result of worn and...

horse training tips

Sacking Out – Part Two

When working with your horse make sure he has a halter and lead on, but keep him untied.  Why?  He needs to know that if things get too...